Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Stephen Ng(乞靈):與劉山青及吳萱人午聚於美孚萬士達廣場百樂門。吳還是致力於尋找革命烈士楊衢雲事蹟(19.11.1861-11.01.1901);山青多運動打乒球、滑浪風忛、評論時務;戇戆直直;都不是一班乖巧的識時務者。

Afternoon tea with NG Huen Yan and LAU Shan Ching; NG is still researching on the revolutionary and martyr YEUNG Ku-wan; LAU Shan Ching is the present day YEUNG Ku-Wan in Hong Kong. A bunch of die hard democrats and idealists - What next for HK?

Stephen Ng臉書二O一四年七月廿二日)

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